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Green Swamp Encounter Motorcycle Ride Directions

Idyllic Canopy Roads Take You Past Old Florida Cypress Stands, Wide Open Nature Preserves and the Natural Scenic Beauty Surrounding Florida's Green Swamp

Georgia Motorcycle Rides - Kennesaw to Cloudland Canyon - Ride Route Map

The ride to Cloudland Canyon from Kennesaw will take you on mostly two lane backgrounds. You'll wind your way through farmland, past a covered bridge and through the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

This pleasant day trip is about 120 miles one-way. Allow about 4 hours to make the outbound trip with a stop to pickup lunch on the way. The return trip will be a little sorter or you can take SR-136 all the way to I-75 if you're in a hurry.


Rockridge Road conditions reported as Poor on 2/2/2018!
Rockridge road was reported as having numerous rough sections and gravel over the road as the result of repairs to the road. Please use extreme caution on this ride and please let us know what you find.
Thanks, Jim @ 2UpTouring


Motorcycle Ride Directions from the Tampabay Area

From I-75 take exit 266 (Fletcher Road Exit).

Proceed east on Morris Bridge Road (the continuation of Fletcher east of I-75) just over 12 miles to Chancey Road,

TURN RIGHT on Chancey Road about 9.0 miles to SR-54,

Motorcycle Ride Directions from Plant City, Lakeland and Orlando

From I-4 take exit 21 to SR-39 North.

Take SR-39 north just over 12 miles to Chancey Road,

TURN RIGHT on Chancey Road just under 5.0 miles to SR-54,

Zephyrhills Airport Option

If you want to check out the skydiving and glider action or visit the Depot Museum and you did not enter the ride from Morris Bridge Road you can turn RIGHT on Chancey Road (CR-535) about 1 mile to 6th Avenue and follow the signs to the airport and museum.

Main Ride Start

Start out eastbound on CR-54 at Chancey Road in Zephyrhills Florida.
1Follow CR-54 east about 4.4 miles to US-98. 
2Turn RIGHT onto US-98.
3Follow US-98 less than 1/4 mile to Old Dade City Road. 
4Turn RIGHT onto Old Dade City Road.
5Follow Old Dade City Road south about 7.5 miles to Rockridge Road.
6CAUTION The left turn onto Rockridge Road has LIMITED SIGHT DISTANCE for oncoming traffic.
7Turn LEFT onto Rockridge Road.
8Follow Rockridge Road about 0.7 miles to Sherrouse Road. 

Southern Twisties Option (Recommended!)

9Turn LEFT onto Sherrouse Road.
10Follow Sherrouse Road about 2.0 miles as it winds through the backwoods and farms.
11Turn RIGHT onto Old Dade City Road.
12Take Old Dade City Road north just under 0.6 miles to LAKELAND ACRES ROAD. 
14Follow Lakeland Acres Road about 1.4 miles to US-98.
15Turn RIGHT onto US-98.
16Follow US-98 southeast about 0.3 miles to KEENE ROAD. 
18Take Keene Road south just over 0.5 miles to SHERROUSE ROAD. 
20Follow Sherrouse Road about 1.8 miles back to the initial turnoff from the main route.
21Turn LEFT back onto Rockridge Road.

Continue Main Ride Route - Rockridge Road

22Follow Rockridge Road north about 0.6 miles to US-98.

Stay straight ahead on Rockidge Road at US-98 about 5.4 miles.

You must turn left onto Rockridge Road to continue.

Straight ahead the road becomes Dean Still Road.

24CAUTION: The LEFT TURN to stay on Rockridge Road can be tricky!
25Turn SHARP LEFT to stay on Rockridge Road turn LEFT
26Follow Rockridge Road about 6.75 miles to Poyner Oaks Road. 

Poyner Oaks Option

For a shorter ride you can turn right at Poyner Oaks Road and follow it to SR-33 (Commonwealth).

You can then turn LEFT on SR-33 a short distance and then turn left onto Green Pond Road to backtrack to your starting point.

Main Ride Route (continued) - Green Pond Road

28You are now on Green Pond Road. Follow it as it twists and turns past the Green Swamp Preserve access and a little later the Van Fleet Trail Access.
 Hiking Access is available at both the Green Swamp Preserve and the Green Pond Access to the Van Fleet Trail.
 Picnic tables are available at the Green Pond Trailhead for the Van Fleet Trail.
 Restrooms are available at the Green Pond Trailhead for the Van Fleet Trail.
29Continue on Green Pond Road to the stop sign at SR-33 (Commonwealth)
30Turn LEFT onto SR-33.
31Take SR-33 north about 4.75 miles. 

Oil Well Road Twisties Option

This in and out road turns to dirt about 2.5 miles in, however the paved portion is smooth and twisty.

 Turn LEFT onto Oil Well Road and follow it until the pavement ends. Turn around carefully and rejoin the main ride route.

Main Ride Route - SR-33

32Continue north on SR-33 about 5.3 miles to LAKE ERIE ROAD.

There is only a small street sign at this intersection.

Look for the FOREST FIRE WATCH TOWER on the corner.
33Turn LEFT onto Lake Erie Road.
34Follow Lake Erie Road 3.75 miles to the stop sign at CR-565.

Bay Lake Road Loop Option (Recommended)

35Stay straight through the stop sign at CR-565 (Bay Lake Road),
36Follow Bay Lake Loop about 2.0 miles to the stop sign.
37Turn LEFT at the stop sign to continue back to the Main Ride Route at the intersection of Bay Lake Road and Lake Erie Road (there is traffic control heading north. The small cemetery on your left indicates you are back on the main ride route).

Main Ride Route - Bay Lake Road

If you did not follow the Bay Lake Loop Option Turn Right onto Bay Lake Road.

38Follow Bay Lake Road north about 5.5 miles. 
39Turn LEFT onto Sloan's Ridge Road.

This is another intersection marked by a street sign only!
40Follow Sloan's Ridge Road about 3.9 miles as I winds its way to SR-50.
41Turn RIGHT onto SR-50.
42Take SR-50 east just under 2.0 miles to DOUGLAS ROAD.

This is another intersection marked by a street sign only!
43Turn LEFT onto Douglas Road.
44Take Douglass Road abut 1.4 miles north to the Stop Sign at TUSCANOOGA ROAD.
45Turn LEFT onto Tuscanooga Road (CR-728).
46Follow Tuscanooga Road about 3.7 miles to CR-469.
47Turn RIGHT onto CR-469.
48Take CR-469 about 3.7 miles to the intersection of CR-710.

This is another intersection marked by a street sign only!
49Follow Osceola 1 block to the Stop Sign.
50Turn LEFT back onto CR-469.
51Turn LEFT onto CR-710.
52Follow CR-710 about 0.5 miles to N Osceola Ave. 

Follow CR-469 about 2/10ths of a mile to MARKET STREET, which will angle off to the LEFT.

Look for the Welcome Sign for Center Hill.

54Turn LEFT onto Market Street.
55Turn RIGHT onto N Osceola.
56Take Market Street about 1/4 mile through the deserted old downtown to CR-478 (S Virginia Ave)
57Turn LEFT onto CR-478. 
58Follow CR-478 just over 2.5 miles to the turn off to CR-707.
59Turn LEFT onto CR-707.
60Follow CR-707 about 3.75 miles to the Stop Sign at CR-721.
61Turn RIGHT onto CR-721.
62Follow CR-721 about 1 mile to CR-727.

This is another intersection marked by a street sign only!
63Turn RIGHT onto CR-727.
64Follow CR-727 about 1.7 miles to the Stop Sigh at SE 1st Ave.
65Continue straight across SE 1st Ave.
66Just over 1 block north of SE 1st Ave turn LEFT onto NE 1st Ave.

Continue through old Webster about 4 blocks to CR-471.

Take your time and check out the old buildings, signs and Webster Police department.

68Turn LEFT onto CR-471.
69Follow CR-471 just under 1.0 mile to CR-478A. 
70Turn RIGHT onto CR-478A.
71Follow CR-478A south about 6 miles to the Y just before SR-50. 

Bear RIGHT at the Y towards SR-50.

NOTE: If you miss the turn just TURN right when you hit SR-50 and you'll be back on the main ride.

73Turn RIGHT onto SR-50.
74Follow SR-50 about 6 miles to intersection of CR-575. 
75Turn LEFT onto CR-575.
76Follow SR-575 about 4.25 miles to the stop sign at US-301.
77Continue straight across US-301 about 6/10ths of a mile to the flashing light at US-98.
78Continue straight across US-98 on CR-575.
79Follow CR-575 just over 6.0 miles to SR-41 (Blanton Road).
80Turn RIGHT onto SR-41.
81Follow SR-41 about 1.25 miles to the turn-off for JAMES RD to JESSAMINE ROAD. 
82Turn LEFT onto James Rd.
83Less than 1/4 mile up James Road turn LEFT onto JESSAMINE ROAD.
84Follow Jessamine Road as it twists its way south about 3 miles.
85At the Stop Sign at St Joe Road continue straight across. The road will become Curley Road.
86Follow Curley Road about 3 miles into San Antonio, FL. 
87In San Antonio turn LEFT onto Pennsylvania Ave.
88San Antonio has several restaurants and an antique shop in amazingly small town environment for a location so close to a major metropolitan area.
89When done in San Ann, continue east on Pennsylvania, bearing right onto Joe Hermann Dr. 
90Turn LEFT onto College Ave.
91At the traffic light College becomes SR-52.
92Follow SR-52 about 5 miles into Dade City. 
93At the traffic light turn RIGHT to stay on SR-52.
94Continue on SR-52 about 1.2 miles to Old Lakeland Hwy (US-98/Alt SR-35) 
95Turn RIGHT onto Old Lakeland Hwy.
96About 3/10ths of a mile south Old Lakeland Hwy veers off to the LEFT. Follow this road.
97Continue on Old Lakeland Hwy (Alt SR-35) south about 8.6 miles to the starting intersection of SR-54 and Chancey Road.