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Press Release

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Raci-Babi™ Helmet Liner Stops Tangles and Knots for Women Motorcyclists


2UpTouring announces the Raci-Babi™ Diva-Do™ Helmet Liner. Designed by a female motorcyclist, the Diva-Do is comfortable, wicks moisture, prevents helmet head and stops tangles and knots.


Saint Petersburg, FL, December 5, 2011 - 2UpTouring, the official retail source for Raci-Babi products is pleased to announce the Raci-Babi Diva-Do. A unique helmet liner designed by a female motorcyclist, the Diva-Do is comfortable and quick and easy to put on. The patented design protects the female riders hair quickly and easily before riding, eliminating “helmet hair” at the end of the ride and eliminates tangles and knots.


Since women first discovered motorcycles they have been plagued by the battle to keep their hair safely out of the way and protected while riding. When Anna Hood of Raci-Babi got involved with motorcycling she was amazed to find how little useful information existed on how to keep her hair looking feminine and attractive.


Anna’s research on the web and with other women riders resulted in deluge of unacceptable solutions. Ponytails and wraps helped with the tangles but took too much time and caused breakage and split ends. Various conditioners and treatments were suggested but leaving them in her hair while wearing a helmet or applying them at the end of a ride wasn’t going to yield the result she was looking for. After unsuccessfully trying everything she could find she decided to create a solution herself.


Each of her rides became a test of different ways to solve the problem. After several years and numerous prototypes she finally created a helmet liner that allowed her to get ready in seconds, prevented helmet hair and tangles and allowed her to completely avoid de-tangling and brushing her hair after a ride.


Her story almost ended there. She’d solved her helmet hair problem and riding was a lot more fun.


Then something serendipitous happened. On a ride at the famous Tail of the Dragon in the Smoky Mountains she stopped at an overlook parking lot. After taking off her helmet and having her hair cascade smoothly out of her new invention a girl ran over and demanded to know “Where did you get that?” When Anna explained that she had made it herself the girl implored her to make one for her. The businesswoman in Anna didn’t need any additional prompting to know that this was a product women who rode were looking for.


Since then the Raci-Babi Diva-Do has received US Patent Number D629180 and thousands have been sold around the world. The Diva-Do is manufactured in the USA using specifically selected active wear materials that wick moisture but do not absorb essential hair oils. This allows the Diva-Do to prevent the flattening well known and dreaded by all motorcyclists while providing an exceptionally comfortable fit.


The design of the Diva-Do uses a seamless headpiece, adjustable ties and an elasticized hair pocket. The rider’s hair is gathered in a bun (or ponytail). The hair pocket is placed over the bun while the hair ties are used to bring the headpiece over the head and then brought back and tied around the hair pocket, securing the riders hair in the hair pocket and snugly holding the Diva-Do on the head.


The Diva-Do works with all helmets, including full face, three quarter and half helmets for any sport where a helmet is part of the protective gear. The Diva-Do can also be worn without a helmet for exercising, running or any activity where the wind causes tangles and knots. The Diva-Do has been tested in a hurricane wind tunnel and stayed on in 80+ MPH winds.


A wide variety of solids and fashion prints are available in a full range of colors to suit every mood from mild to wild.


More information, including the complete selection of Raci-Babi Diva-Do styles and colors as well as how-to wear videos and testimonials are available by visiting


Product Pricing
The Diva-Do is available in a wide variety of colors and prints at
For product pricing refer to the Raci-Babi Diva-Do Product Online Order Page
Shipping is $5.95 for any size order.


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About Anna Hood and Raci-Babi
Anna Hood is the founder of and designer for Raci-Babi. She has worked in the fashion industry in New York and honed her entrepreneurial skills with her national entertainment talent agency and property management companies.


About 2UpTouring
2UpTouring produces and markets unique and innovative motorcycling products as well as publishing an online motorcycle website featuring motorcycle road, ride and destination information. Online sales feature personalized service and exceptional customer service. A total satisfaction, no risk guarantee covers all product and shipping charges for products purchased online or at rallies and shows.


Contact Information
For more information please contact:
Jim Jankowski
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