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The Latest Information on Motorcycle Roads, Products and Information to Make Your Next Ride More Fun than Ever

We've Added New Rides!

We've added one of our favorite rides in Tennessee for you.

For those of you who have met us at rallies and shows across the country we've finally got the information together and online for the ride we call the Cherohala Motorcycle Resort Loop.

This is a must-ride whenever you're near Tellico Plains in Tennessee. The ride is just past the western end of the Cherohala Skyway.


We've Added a Smoky Mountains Motorcycle Roads Page

Our new Smoky Mountains Motorcycle Roads page where you can see our rides in and around this motorcycling paradise.

You'll find rides like the Tail of the Dragon and the Cherohala Skyway as well as some of our more secret ride routes. These are a little different from most of our rides as they are pretty well known, however we've talked to a lot of the people over the last year at shows who indicated we should include some information on these great rides.


We Also Just completed a Major Website Update

We've new features over the last two week to make the website easier for you to use and added new content around the site.


Here's a list of some of the major changes


All Motorcycle Roads and Rides Are Now Grouped Under Motorcycle Roads

The new Motorcycle Roads page and menu item groups all the rides in one easy to find menu area. When you select this item the menu will expand to show general ride areas and the detailed rides the selected area. We've also added maps where you can select rides from a state or map list of rides wherever possible.


New Menus

We've updated the menus to group things like motorcycle road information and online store products. This will keep the menus shorter and should make it easier for you to find things on the site.


Image Zoom Has Been Added to Ride Reviews and Other Articles

With the exception of the Tail of the Gecko ride review when you hover over a picture with your mouse the border will turn blue and depending on your browser your mouse pointer will show a magnifying glass. Just click the picture to show it enlarged In a new window,


The Page Layouts Have Been Changed to Add a Third Column

We've added a third column to show you more relevant information on each page and add some new features now and in the future we think you'll like.


You Can Now Add Comments Using Facebook

If you have a Facebook account you can now add comments on just about every page on the site.

Facebook is free and has allowed us to add the comments and other features in a format that is rapidly becoming the standard in interaction on the internet.

Of course we are still always available by email and telephone, the information is on our Contact Us page.


A Resources Area is Now on Most Pages

The resources area of each page will alert you to relevant information related to that page. Just check the new right hand column.


Please Let Us Know What You Think

Please let us know via the Facebook Comments sections throughout the website how you think we're doing. If you don’t have a Facebook account please feel free to email or contact us using the information on our Contact Us page.


Motorcycle Roads to Lift Your Spirits and Stir the Soul!

Jim Jankowski - Your host at Jim Jankowski - Your host at

Have you ever pulled your helmet off after a motorcycle ride and found yourself wondering: "How could I ever explain that ride to someone who's never ridden a motorcycle?"

I know I have. In fact, you'll find a ride here where Anna and I both started to ask that very question as we took our helmets off after a ride. That ride has become one of our favorite shared memories.

Hooked on Motorcycle Touring

Hi, my name is Jim, and I'm hooked on riding motorcycles. This website is my effort to not only help you feed your cravings for new and exciting motorcycle roads, but to bring you information on lodging, camping, restaurants and activities to make your next motorcycle ride an extraordinary adventure.

As much as I love riding motorcycles everyday, I love touring on them even more. Traveling around the country on a motorcycle immerses you in every aspect of the environment around you. You feel the temperature rise and fall with the land around you. You smell the flowers on the roadside. The rush of air around the bike blows away your stress in a way that has to be experienced to be believed.


As a motorcyclist you know the feeling that a twisty ride on a deserted back road brings. The sensations and emotions you experience are impossible to describe to someone who travels trapped in a steel and glass cage.


Traveling in a car has been described as going to the movies. When you tour on a motorcycle you star in the movie!


Throughout this site you'll find information on great back roads, small out of the way towns, exciting activities and great original products that will make your next motorcycle ride better than ever!


Two Up - Twice the Fun

Sharing the experience of great motorcycle ride strengthens the depth of any relationship. If you're like me, some of your favorite memories involve good friends, motorcycles and little traveled back roads.

The best description I ever saw for two-up motorcycle touring was "everything you need". A two-up ride down your favorite scenic back road brings you together in a way few other activities can.


Helping You Plan the Perfect Motorcycle Ride

Throughout this site you'll find invaluable tips and stories to help you plan the perfect solo or two up motorcycle adventure. You'll find that our rides are generally a little shorter and include off the bike activities to help keep the ride exciting and fun for everyone.

In the coming months we'll be bringing you motorcycle rides and destinations for all seasons, showing you motorcycle roads in places that will surprise and delight you. You'll also get articles with tips and tricks to make your motorcycle rides and touring easier and more enjoyable. And we'll be offering you some unique accessories you won't find anywhere else!

You'll find a wealth of information about outdoor activities, dining and shopping locations, and lodging and camping facilities for your next motorcycle back road adventure. These biker friendly resources, goods and services will add exceptional value to your motorcycle rides and tours.

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