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Tail of the Gecko

July 6, 2009

Motorcycle Ride Directions

Tampa Bay Area Motorcycle Rides near the Sunshine Skyway - Ride Route Map

Hidden away in Central Florida this motorcycle road will take you back to a time when roads followed the land and Florida was better known for citrus farms than theme parks.

This motorcycle ride is fun either north or south bound, however the north bound ride from Florida State Road 62 to County Road 672 takes you through the twisty bits first then provides a quiet shaded area to pull over and enjoy the solitude as the road narrows to a single lane.

The start of the ride on State Road 62 is also easier to spot.

Traversing this ride south from either County Road 672 or 674, you'll start on the narrow portion then work your way through the twisty portion.

Either way you'll enjoy a fun ride on nearly empty Old Florida back roads.


Tail of the Gecko - Northbound Motorcycle Ride Route

1Hazardous Conditions Alert 12-31-2010
As noted in the ride review the corners on this great road can often be covered in sand. It is extremely important that you do not enter any corner at a speed exceeding you and your bike's ability to stop and avoid dangerous obstacles!

Use a late apex and brake well before leaning the bike over. By doing this you'll be better able to make corrections and avoid any dangerous situations.

IMPORTANT: The sand on these roads is often almost the same color as the pavement. This is a definite "when in doubt - slow down" situation.

Thanks to Ruben for sending me this update.
 Access the northbound motorcycle ride from Florida State Road 62 between County Road 579 and County Road 39 in Manatee County. 
2Turn NORTH onto Bunker Hill Road. The intersection of Bunker Hill Road and SR-62 is easy to miss and is about 500-700 feet east of a trailer dealer (Morgan Trailer?) on the north side of the road. There is a blue Bunker Hill Missionary Baptist Church sign at the intersection that is easier to spot than the actual street sign, at least when approaching from the west. 
 Bunker Hill New Construction Alert - 8/24/2012
Just east of the turn onto Bunker Hill road is the Duette Volunteer Fire Station. If you miss the correct turn heading east there is a second entrance to Bunker Hill road near a new recreation complex just past the Duette Volunteer Fire Station.
This is not the correct route!
This portion of Bunker Hill Road is new and only paved about 3/4 of a mile before turning to dirt! Unless you're comfortable on Florida dirt roads (not much fun on anything over a dual sport bike) turn around and enter from the western portion of Bunker Hill road.
If you are heading east on SR-62 and see the Duette Volunteer Fire Station on your left turn around to get to the correct route.
If you are heading west on SR-62 and see the Duette Volunteer Fire Station on your right start looking for the turn on your right. In this direction it is very easy to miss the turn!

Many thanks to Jeff D for alerting us about this change!
3Follow Bunker Hill Road to Taylor Grade Rd.
4Turn LEFT onto Taylor Grade Road.
5Follow Taylor Grade Road which becomes Keene Road as it twists its way from Manatee county to Hillsborough county.
6Grange Hall Loop gets narrower and prettier the further you go. You'll need to make room for oncoming traffic and it is not unusual to encounter a smei trailer rig hauling citrus from the fields to market in season.
7Grange Hall Loop winds itself through agricultural and mining lands. Watch for te picnic spot on your left about 2.8 miles past where the road narrows.
8About 2.5 miles after crossing the county line the road will narrow at a three way intersection. The main (wider) road will go to the left but STAY STRAIGHT onto the narrow one and half lane road (Grange Hall Loop). 
9Continue on Grange Hall Loop to CR 674. Just before CR 674 the road will widen back to a narrow two lane road.
 At County Road 674 you can bypass the Owens Lake Road portion of the ride by using CR 674 to return to your route in. 
10Turn LEFT onto CR 674.
11Take CR 674 approximately 1.7 miles to Owens Lake Road. 
12Turn RIGHT onto Owens Lake Road.
13Take Owens Lake approximately 2.7 miles to Sweat Loop Road. 
14Turn RIGHT onto Sweat Loop.
15A short distance down Sweat Loop turn LEFT at the first intersection. This is the continuation of Sweat Loop.

The road straight ahead dead ends at a storage area or graveyard for old forklift equipment.
16The ride ends at County Road 672.
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