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Out of the Ordinary North Georgia Backroad Motorcycle Rides

Discover Outstanding Backroad Motorcycle Rides Just Northeast of Atlanta

The North Georgia Mountains are well known as a motorcycle riders dream. Near the excitement of one of the south's most vibrant cities, the backroads and small towns offer the touring or sport rider the kind of motorcycling dreams are made of.

While State Road 60, Wolf Pen Gap and Warwoman road provide challenging and beautiful rides, northeast Georgia ofen goes un-noticed by even the local riders. As the old saying goes "their loss is our gain". Many of the backroads between Atlanta and Chattanooga are beautiful and lightly travelled. They offer easy access to recreation and camping opportunities that can turn a day ride or long tour into your own personal motorcycle adventure.

The rides below provide the chance to mix great motorcycle rides on twisting back roads with the a visit to some lesser known state and national park gems.

Cloudland Canyon State Park

Georgia's Cloudland Canyon State Park - Vista from Rim Trail

Cloudland Canyon is the secret jewel of Georgia's State Parks. This deep canyon with its waterfalls and rugged walls will forever change the way you think of Georgia. Enjoy easy trails with wonderful views as soon as you get off your bike. A moderate to strenuous day hike along the canyon rim rates as one of the best hikes in America! Serveral other hikes make this a great hiking destination so pack a lunch (or pick one up outside the park), carry it in a soft-side cooler and enjoy it while taking in the view. The ride detail will tell you more about our hike on the West Rim Trail and how we enjoyed the magnificent scenery even on a tight schedule.

While you couldn't call the park deserted, you'd be hard pressed to believe how close this park is to two major southern cities. The park offers camping, cabins and plenty of hiking opportunites. All this and its just a plain old fun ride from Atlanta.

The ride to Cloudland Canyon from Kennesaw also takes you through Acworth Georgia. With museums, shops, restuarants and more this little town makes it easy to pickup a small gift for someone back home. Oryou can have have a nice meal and enjoy a little shopping to balance out your excusion to Cloudland Canyon. Keep everyone happy with a stop here on your return trip.

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Little River Canyon National Preserve

Alabama's Little River Canyon National Preserve - View from the bottom of Eberhart Point Trail

Okay, this ones in Alabama, and it's certainly an easy ride from Huntsville, Brimingham or Chattanooga Tennessee. But it's also a fun and scenic ride from Atlanta so we're going to include it here!

If Cloudland Canyon is a Georgia secret, you'll need a Top Secret Security Clearance to find out about this one. A fellow riding couple leaked this one to us a couple years back under enhanced interrogation techniques. Since then I've yet to meet anyone who knew about this place. Once you've been here you might want to burn you copy of the directions to try and keep it for yourself!

Located in the northeast corner of Alabama, this spectacular canyon preserve will have you wondering why you've never heard of it before. The road through the park is a full of twists, turns, hills and incredible scenery. In their infinite wisdom the feds have seen fit to post it at 35mph and double yellowed just about the whole thing. But don't worry, just pull off when you get stuck behind that slow moving mini-van or Prius and enjoy the secenery for few minutes until you get a clear road again.

Our ride directions from the Atlanta area will take through rolling hills, sweeping curves and postcard scenery. There's little traffic to contend with and not long into this ride you'll find yourself figuring out how you can get out riding more.

For the adventurous there are great hiking opportunities in the preserve. However camping is primitive and the campsite access roads are not touring motorcycle friendly (although dual-sport riders should find them enjoyable). Our experience hiking in the preserve was a pleasant one and is detailed in the ride review.

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