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Atlanta to Cloudland Canyon State Park Motorcycle Ride Directions

Follow a Great Motorcycle Ride to Georgia's Cloudland Canyon State Park

Georgia Motorcycle Rides - Kennesaw to Cloudland Canyon - Ride Route Map

The ride to Cloudland Canyon from Kennesaw will take you on mostly two lane backgrounds. You'll wind your way through farmland, past a covered bridge and through the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

This pleasant day trip is about 120 miles one-way. Allow about 4 hours to make the outbound trip with a stop to pickup lunch on the way. The return trip will be a little sorter or you can take SR-136 all the way to I-75 if you're in a hurry.


Kennesaw to Cloudland Canyon State Park Motorcycle Ride Directions

1Start out heading west on US-41 - Cobb Parkway NW, from the intersection of Cobb Parkway and Barrett Parkay.
Exit 269 of I-75 will bring you to Barrett Parkway. Cobb Parkway is about 1 1/2 miles west of the exit.
2About 3/4 of a mile down Cobb Parkway veer right at the light to SR-293/Old US-41/Main Street.
3Follow SR-293 a little over 13 miles until it ends a (Old) Allatoona Rd. 
4Turn LEFT onto (Old) Allatoona Rd.
5Travel under the highway bridge and continue about 500-600 feet to Old Alabama Rd. 
6Turn LEFT onto Old Alabama Rd.
7Follow Old Alabama Rd about 6 miles to SR-61 - Cartersville Hwy. 
8Turn RIGHT on SR-61.
9Take SR-61 a little over 1 mile north to SR-113/61. 
10Turn LEFT onto SR-113.
11Take SR-113 west about 5 miles to Covered Bridge Rd. 
12Turn RIGHT onto Covered Bridge Rd.
13Follow Covered Bridge Road past the power plant about 3 Miles to the Euharlee Covered Bridge (the plant is coal fired so you can leave the lead lined riding great at home).

The bridge makes a nice photo-op and is a good place to stretch your legs and check over your bike if this is your first ride in a while.
14Resume your ride headiing northwest on Covered Bridge Rd. 
15After about 1/2 mile the road will end at Euharlee Rd.
16Turn left on Euharlee road and follow it about 12 miles to Mathis Rd.
17Turn RIGHT onto Mathis Rd.
18Just under a mile past the turn onto Mathis Rd you will turn RIGHT to stay on Mathis as It makes a sharp right headed to US-411.
19At the intersection of US-411 and Mathis road continue straight across US-411 onto SR-1/746 the Rome By-Pass.
20About 2 3/4 miles past US-411 you'll cross SR-293.

SR-293 can be used as an alternate route to and from Acworth and Kennesaw.
21Continue on the Rome By-Pass (SR-1/746) past SR-53 to US-27. 
22Turn RIGHT onto US-27.
23Take US-27 north about 1 3/4 miles to Old Dalton Rd. 
24Veer RIGHT onto Old Dalton Rd.
25Take Old Dalton Rd north about 6 miles to SR-140.
26Continue north on Old Dalton Rd.
27Stay on Old Dalton Rd to SR-156.
28Again continue north. The road now becomes Everett Springs Rd.
29About 11 1/4 miles north on Everett Springs you'll come to The Pocket Picnic Area and Campground.

There are restrooms and a place to rest here if needed.
30Resume your ride north from The Pocket.

The road now becomes Pocket Rd.
31About 7 miles to the north Pocket Rd ends at SR-136.
32Turn LEFT onto SR-136.
33Follow SR-136 about 7 miles to SR-151.
34Turn LEFT onto SR-151.
35Follow SR-151/136 south slightly less than 1 1/2 miles to SR-136 turn off. 
36Turn RIGHT to remain on SR-136.
37Take SR-136 4 miles to the traffic light at US-27. 
38Turn RIGHT onto US-27.
39You are entering the Lafayette area. You may want to pickup a lunch to take with you to the park here.
40Follow US-27 about 2 1/2 miles to the traffic light at Business 27. 
41Turn RIGHT to stay on US-27/SR-136.
42About 1/2 mile north. On 27 move to the left lane before the light. 
43Turn LEFT at Lake Howard Rd to stay on SR-136.
44Follow SR-136 about 17.5 miles to the entrance to Cloudland Canyon State Park. 
45Turn RIGHT at the park entrance at Cloudland Canyon Rd.
 Enjoy the park.

To return to Atlanta just reverse the directions.

As an option you can take SR-293 in Rome as an alternate route back to Acworth and Kennesaw.
 Last Updated 10/5/2009